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When parts of the brain don’t communicate effectively; learning becomes difficult, emotions are hard to manage and higher-order thinking declines. Partners in Brain Integration offers a drug-free solution for improving cognitive function so that you can experience your full potential in school, life, and relationships.

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What is Brain Integration?

Brain Integration (BIT) is an alternative medicine technique that uses neurophysiology, specialized kinesiology, and the Chinese meridian system to improve brain function. The protocol targets specific brain areas to optimize function and relieve cognitive stress.  As a result, all parts are “online” and working together to support your full potential.

What if your brain could better support the pursuit of what matters most:
school, work, relationships, sports… LIFE!

It Can!

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Brain Integration can relieve or alleviate symptoms

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Brain Integration also improves

Almost any brain can be integrated to function better.

We are here to help.

Muscle Reactivation

Muscle Reactivation is an efficient and effective approach to reducing pain, increasing strength and flexibility, and reducing emotional stress.  It uses specialized techniques for balancing muscles that have become inhibited, have too much tone, or are no longer functioning properly.  This technique “wakes up” body-brain communication pathways to quickly and gently reduce pain, and increase strength and flexibility.

Muscle Reactivation can help:

Benefits of Brain Integration

Benefits of Brain Integration Emotional Regulation

Emotional Regulation




Executive Function

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Physical Performance


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